Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sooty's Parts Are United

I look at how many hours I put in today on Sooty ( about 7, not including breaks. Actual working time), and then I see I wrote 3 words less than yesterday. I am appalled. How could I have worked so long, with such concentration, and achieved so little?

I have to remind myself what I did in those hours today. Fiddly stuff. Little things that started simple. 'Expand on this' notes in the text, or 'add this bit here' that necessitated writing new scenes, then finding they belonged better elsewhere, then massive rounds of copy-paste as I rearranged bits of what I'd just written into several different spots in the story.

Lots of back and forth comparing what had been said in various places and adjusting for consistency.

Structure. Continuity. Lots and lots of character and relationship consistency. All essential, and all most dreadfully fiddly.

The middle is found. It is now in outline and chunks-of-scenes form, but the story has its structure from start to finish.

Along with writing that bridge, I also have to do the necessary research on chemistry, and get the results inserted where they belong. Way too many 'look this up' notes in the story.

I am, however, pleased with what I got done today, and will focus on that for a few hours, rather than on what's left to do before the first draft is completed.


Update with even more hurrah!

I discovered that there was a big chunk of text that had been copied, but not deleted. I hate it when I do that. But I forgot to take that into account when I wrote up yesterday's total writing count. The chunk came to 1811 words.  So I actually wrote 4817 words yesterday, not 3006.

Whew.  That is much more in keeping with all the writing I felt I had done.

Current total word count is correct, only the daily allotment was wrong -- and is now revised.

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