Sunday, August 14, 2011


Literal and figurative coasting.

My daughter and I went over to the coast yesterday. One of those rare and marvelous times when the coast is warm (between 61 and 65 while we were there) and sunny, and only a gentle breeze.

The Oregon coast is a beautiful place, but odds are it will be cold, damp if not wet, and windy.  We were truly appreciative.

We fed gulls, an imperative for us, and discovered a new beach that will now be a favorite. We walked and walked to the accompaniment of the thrumming, rolling, unceasing roar of surf.

Lunch: fish and chips and clam chowder -- of course. Then another beach and more gull-feeding.

And then another beach, walking and watching the sun slipping into  bank of clouds on the horizon.

Driving home through the Coastal mountains at night, with a huge full moon appearing, apparently, from all directions as the road wound its circuitous way.

No writing, but a lot of living.


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